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The has compiled solar job statistics for each state in the United States for 2015. The following is a snapshot for Iowa:
Iowa Solar (more…)

Ask you employer to add Iowa Shares as your company’s local workplace giving program so you can be assured that your donations will go to Iowa charities and won’t be gobbled up by high administrative costs.

When you see the Imagine Energy Traveler on the road you will see the Iowa Shares logo on the tailgate.  (more…)

At the 2015 annual volunteer banquet, the I-Renew Board announce a new scholarship. According to Don White, Vice President of the Board,

Our success is directly dependent upon attracting and retaining volunteers across the great state of Iowa. Offering a scholarship to a volunteer who demonstrates leadership and a strong desire to make renewable energy the primary source of energy in Iowa is one way toward our success.

The Eric Foresman and Christine Nelson-Foresman scholarship has been established to honor the lifetime of service and contributions from these former Board members.

To kick of the event, Max Chinnah, graduate from Wartburg College and CEO of Terraoak, provided (more…)

When you see the Imagine Energy Traveler at events across the great state of Iowa you will be asked to take part in a 4-question survey.

The 3 goals of this survey are to: (more…)

On April 27, the world’s first dual renewable fueled tractor was unveiled in Blairstown, Iowa

My five decades at the Jet Propulsion Lab, where we were challenged daily to do the un-doable, served me well in this endeavor, I wanted to collect solar energy to make hydrogen and fuel a working farm tractor, something that has not been done before.


I-Renew Vice President of the Board, Don White explains how 20 hrs of volunteering can earn you a Changers solar charger and Certificate of Achievement singed by Kimberly Dickey, President of the I-Renew Board. (more…)

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