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Future of Energy

The energy we receive directlyfrom the sun every day dwarfs all other energy sources

Here are 5 reasons to abandon Hydraulic Fracturing and the Keystone Pipeline: 1. The Abundanceof Solar Energy 2. We can run the world on renewable sources 3. We can mine atmospheric CO2 to convert directly into fuel 4. Solar Powered Roads 5. E-Cat (low energy nuclear reaction) can produce energy at a much cheaper rate and much more cleanly than other sources ... Read More »

Imagine Energy in June and July

The New Imagine Energy Trailer

Don’t miss the Imagine Energy Traveler this summer! This mobile renewable energy demonstration platform is also full-blown solar generator. Patrons can recharge their mobile devices and more. Furthermore, patrons will be treated to FREE popcorn that is popped via a solar powered popcorn maker. 6 Events + Ragbrai (The bike ride across Iowa) – Add to your Calendar  Read More »

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