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Fall 2014 News & Events

Tell the politicians running for office about 4 promising alternatives to hydraulic fracturing and the keystone pipeline. Ames, IA could become the location of pilot energy system that would enable us to power the world with renewable sourcesNH3 Fuels Association Conference. These Collaborators are working on a Next-generation Energy Infrastructure that will enable the world to be powered 100% by ... Read More »

A Solar-powered EV Works Well in Iowa


By: Author of One Week To Save The Earth and former I-Renew Vice President, Marc Franke The EV battery replacement bug-a-boo … our unfounded, dark fears? Since I bought my first Electric Vehicle in Oct. 2013 (Nissan Leaf SV … license plate “GasFree”), I’ve answered a lot of questions from co-workers, friends and passers-by about EVs. One question that almost ... Read More »

Future of Energy

The energy we receive directlyfrom the sun every day dwarfs all other energy sources

Watch 5 Reasons to Abandon Hydraulic Fracturing and the Keystone Pipeline: The Abundance of Solar Energy We Can Run The World On Renewable Sources Of Energy We Can Convert Atmospheric CO2 Directly Into Fuel Solar Powered Roads E-Cat (Low-energy Nuclear Reaction) Read More »

Aug 26 FREE Net Zero Classes

Building a Comfortable Home

Solar! Where to Start

Aug 26 FREE Net-Zero Classes @ Marion Public Library 5:30PM – Building a Comfortable Home 7:00PM – Solar! Where To Start Instructor: Brandon Schmidt Brandon shares his 35 years of experience in the sustainable energy field with  Read More »

Get Your Solar Tax Credit


The Iowa Solar Tax Credit Now that Governor Branstad signed SF 2340 into law, Iowans need to know where to go and how to apply for the Solar Tax Credit. The best starting point is the Dept. Of Iowa Revenue Website. Read More »

Imagine Energy in June and July

The New Imagine Energy Trailer

Don’t miss the Imagine Energy Traveler this summer! This mobile renewable energy demonstration platform is also full-blown solar generator. Patrons can recharge their mobile devices and more. Furthermore, patrons will be treated to FREE popcorn that is popped via a solar powered popcorn maker. 6 Events + Ragbrai (The bike ride across Iowa) – Add to your Calendar  Read More »

Iowa Eagle Scout Proud of Solar-powered LED Lighting System

Eagle Scout, David Schweitzer is very proud of the solar-powered LED lighting system that his troop raised $3,500.00 for. I-Renew donated $200 toward this effort. You can see the Freedom Rock at  1199 Iowa 25, Menlo, IA 50164 Read More »

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